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Enjoy Driving with a Multilingual

It corresponds to English, Chinese (Traditional), Korean.

How to Rent from Honda Rent A Car

Once you have finalized your itinerary, please make a reservation with us.

Online:Reservation form
By Telephone: 011-700-5555 or +81 11 700 5555(from overseas)
*Reservation Centre Hours: 8.30 AM to 6:00 PM

For a safe driving

Please enjoy your trip while driving carefully.
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Please prepare the following information when making a reservation.

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Information (Address and Telephone Number)
  • Departure and Return Date and Time
  • Office to Rent From
  • Desired Vehicle Type
  • Desired Options (Navigation System, Child Seat, etc.)
  • Number of Passengers

When Renting a Vehicle

Please be sure to have the following items ready when you come to our rental office.
If your driver’s license doesn’t satisfy the above requirements 1 or 2 you can’t drive in Japan under the Japanese law.

1.People with the International Driver's license of 89 nations of Geneva Convention (1949) member nations

  1. 1-1.International Driver's License (All drivers must have their own International Driver's license.)
  2. 1-2.Passport
  3. 1-3.The balance of your payment in cash, or a valid credit card (The balance will be collected before issuing the rental.)

2.Those who are countries other than the above and have a driver's license of Switzerland / Germany / France / Italy / Belgium / Taiwan

  1. 2-1.Driver's License (All drivers must have their own license.)
  2. 2-2.Passport
  3. 2-3.The Japanese translation of a driver's license※1
  4. 2-4.The balance of your payment in cash, or a valid credit card (The balance will be collected before issuing the rental.)

※1The Japanese translation of a driver's license is issued by the Embassy and consulate in Japan or JAF <Japan Automobile Federation> based on the application filed by the applicant.
Please refer to administration of each country and JAF in detail

Before Departure

  1. We will issue the Rental Agreement. Our staff will explain the insurance policies and other conditions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the staff.
  2. Please inspect the car for any scratches or dents. The staff will accompany you during the inspection.
  3. Adjust your seats and mirrors, and make sure the seatbelts are fastened. Please drive safely!

When Returning the Vehicle

  1. All vehicles are provided with a full tank of fuel at the time of rental. Please refill the tank at the gasoline station nearest to our office before returning the vehicle. (If you are unable to refuel the car, we will bill for gasoline based on a standard rate, calculated from the distance traveled.)
  2. The staff will inspect the car for any damage, and calculate any additional charges such as late fees.
  3. In the event of a late return, please be certain to telephone our office before your scheduled return time. Late fees will be charged separately. Returning the vehicle late without contacting our office will be considered a breach of the Rental Agreement, and a penalty fee will be applied.

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