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Four Reasons Why Customers Choose Honda Rent A Car

No hassle drive to Sapporo!

If you are planning to drive from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo immediately after leaving the airport's arrival gate, renting a car at Honda Rent A Car has its advantages. Pick-up point is the nearest to Sapporo of all service providers in Chitose, so once you pick-up a car, you only have to follow the road to an expressway entrance bound for Sapporo. Whether a repeat or first-time visitor to Hokkaido, you have no trouble travelling to Sapporo.

Four Keys to Honda Rent A Car Service

  • Close to Sapporo!

    All car rental service providers in the New Chitose Airport area are required to take customers by shuttle bus to their pick-up locations, out of the airport zone, before performing a rental procedure. This means the pick-up location is a key to easy/short travel from the airport to Sapporo. ONLY Honda Rent A Car is located in the direction of Sapporo, which gives customers an easy access to Sapporo after pick-up!

  • Easy access to expressway entrance!

    The fastest route to Sapporo is the Dooh Expressway, from the Chitose Interchange, which allows a non-stop drive straight to Sapporo. Our Chitose branch faces the road straight to the interchange so that first-time visitors to Hokkaido have no trouble reaching the interchange. You can also enter the expressway from the New Chitose Airport Interchange, which is the closest entrance from pick-up places of other car rental service providers, but it is farther to Sapporo than the Chitose Interchange, so it takes longer to get to Sapporo.

  • Close to the City Center of Chitose!

    Our Chitose branch is located near the city center, a railway station, shops and hotels. This location is convenient not only for tourists to Hokkaido but also local people of Chitose.

  • Free from traffic jam!

    Most car rental service branches in Chitose are actually located in a limited zone in the opposite direction from Sapporo, Chitose's city center and expressway entrance (see the map below). This "pick-up place cluster" environment often causes a traffic jam of car pick-ups, as many tourists want to depart simultaneously. Even worse, many cars drive to/from a giant shopping mall near the "cluster" particularly during May's week-long holidays and other vacation periods. Honda Rent A Car creates no such fuss; you can smoothly depart upon pick-up.

How close is the Honda Rent A Car

Convenient, cost-effective

Honda Rent A Car provides you with a unique selection of services!

In addition to the services below, thorough cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing of the vehicle interior (seats, doors, ceiling) help you and your child always feel comfortable in the car.

  • You can pick-up and drop-off your vehicle at any branch you like.

  • ETC (electric toll collection) and car navigation system are available in all models!

  • Child safety seat available for free!

  • Full Safety Package for your peace of mind!

Find a branch

  • New Chitose Airport Terminal

    New Chitose Airport Terminal
    New Chitose Airport Terminal
    BLDG, Bibi, Chitose

    Branch information

  • Chitose Branch

    Chitose Branch
    11-1, Mamachi 4-chome, Chitose

    Branch information

  • Sapporo Station North Exit Branch

    Sapporo Station North Exit Branch
    1st Floor, Marumasu BLDG No. 18, 1-5, Kita 7 Nishi 1, Sapporo

    Branch information

  • Nango-dori Branch

    Nango-dori Branch
    1-37, Nango-dori 3-chome Kita, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo

    Branch information