Child Safety Seats

チャイルドシートOptions (please consider weight/height/age for an appropriate seat)


For infants

Weight: up to 10 kg

Height: up to 75 cm

Height: up to 75 cm


For toddlers

Weight: up to 18 kg

Height: up to 100 cm

Age: 1 - 4 years old


For school children

Weight: 15 - 32 kg

Height: 100 - 135 cm

Age: 4 - 10 years old

  • Child seats are free options.
  • The weight/height/age information may not apply to some children.
  • The seats rented may not be the same as those in the photos.
  • mited availability. Please ask our branch staff.


Notes on Renting Child Safety Seats

  1. 01.Reserve one (or more as necessary) prior to pick-up.

    You must have a child safety seat equipped if the passengers include a child under the age of 6. Please book for the number of children when car-booking. Should no seats be booked or prepared yourself for your child(ren), you may not be allowed to pick-up a car.
  2. 02. Fit the seat appropriately.

    Customers are responsible for fitting the child safety seat. Staff may help you fit, but you must make sure that the seats are secured. We bear no responsibility for any accidents and subsequent damages due to the failure of seat-fitting.
  3. 03.In case of loss/damage of the seat...

    In case of loss or damage of the child safety seat during your rental period due to your fault, you may be charged for the loss/damage.

Honda Rent A Car's
Special Lineup of Services

チャイルドシートChild safety seat

For your baby or small child, you can rent a safety seat for free that accomodates their age.

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安心Full Safety Package

Should you have a flat tire or get locked out of your car, JAF will come and save you immediately!

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安心ETC & car navigation system

All cars are equipped with an electric toll collection (ETC) card reader and a car navigation system, which will help you have a comfortable drive in Hokkaido. Note: In order to use ETC, you need a special credit card, called "ETC card". ETC cards are available for rent. Please ask for details.

安心Hokkaido drive map

Free map for all users!

安心Disinfecting/deodorizing the car interior

Seats, doors, ceiling and textiled parts inside the car are cleaned, disinfected and deodorized before pick-up.

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